Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My day with the Ohio Oracle Users Group

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Ohio Oracle User's Group event with me on July 18. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be there. The group appears to be vibrant and growing and everyone involved made it a top-notch experience (for me at least!).

My topic for the day was "SQL Stuff You Should Know" and was a mash-up of lots of different bits and pieces of information about SQL Tuning and the Oracle Optimizer. Links to my presentation slides will be made available on the OOUG web site, but I thought I'd also provide them here.

Presentation slides

User groups are a fantastic way to network and have easily accessible and inexpensive opportunities to learn. I'm always happy to be invited to participate in an event and even more happy when I see a thriving community of my Oracle peers! Thanks again OOUG!!

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TSN_ADMIN said...

Hi Karen,

I love reading your blog. Just shared your "SQL Stuff You Should Know" article on LinkedIn.

Excellent for both developers and DBAs, thank you.

Kind Regards,