Saturday, September 7, 2013

SQL Tuning Fundamentals: Execution Plans - September 17 Webinar

Register now and join me for my next webinar entitled "SQL Tuning Fundamentals: Execution Plans".

Few tools are as critical to SQL optimization as the execution plan. The ability to read and understand an execution plan allows us to evaluate and optimize SQL performance. Unfortunately, complex plans often seem daunting and can be difficult to understand. During this webinar, I'll walk you through a set of guidelines for how to read an execution plan and how to make sense of the operations and statistics (both estimated and actual) the plan output provides.

Topics covered in this webinar include:
  • How to read an execution plan, and how various plan operations work 
  • How to use the plan to pinpoint performance problems 
  • Tools to accelerate your analysis of execution plan data


Unknown said...

Hi Karen,

I really wanted to attend yesterday's seminar, but work got in the way. :-)

Would it be possible to have this recording archived somewhere and accessible on demand?

Great resource for a subject that is of critical importance to DBAs and developers!

Thank you,
Marios Philippopoulos

Karen said...

Marios - The recording will be available next week and I'll add the link to it here on the blog. Thanks!

L. Jenssen said...

Any news about the link Karen?

Karen said...

The recording link has been updated in my follow-up post at