Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Effective Indexing Webinar

Thanks to everyone for attending today's Effective Indexing webinar sponsored by IOUG with Embarcadero. For attendees, IOUG will likely send out a link to the recording and PDF of the presentation, but I also wanted to post it here.

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording

Please note that during the webinar I mentioned the new clustering factor calculation available in 12c and also available in some patchsets for 11g releases. The patch number I referred to is incorrect. Instead, please search for the Bug/Enhancement article in MOS. You can find it by searching for "Bug 13262857 - Enh: provide some control over DBMS_STATS index clustering factor computation (Doc ID 13262857.8)."

Thanks again and stay tuned for additional webinars coming soon!