Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My day with the Ohio Oracle Users Group

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Ohio Oracle User's Group event with me on July 18. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be there. The group appears to be vibrant and growing and everyone involved made it a top-notch experience (for me at least!).

My topic for the day was "SQL Stuff You Should Know" and was a mash-up of lots of different bits and pieces of information about SQL Tuning and the Oracle Optimizer. Links to my presentation slides will be made available on the OOUG web site, but I thought I'd also provide them here.

Presentation slides

User groups are a fantastic way to network and have easily accessible and inexpensive opportunities to learn. I'm always happy to be invited to participate in an event and even more happy when I see a thriving community of my Oracle peers! Thanks again OOUG!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Follow-up: Visual SQL Tuning Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended my Visual SQL Tuning webinar. My goal was to keep it simple and show the value of using VST to help you know what execution plans "should" do.

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording

I want to thank:
Kyle Hailey for his extensive work on the subject and his recent great detailed VST presentation from KScope13.
Craig Martin for his building join order diagram I used but incorrectly attributed authorship to Kyle (sorry Craig!).

I hope to see everyone in September for my next webinar! Stay tuned for details.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Visual SQL Tuning - July 23 Webinar

Register now and join me on July 23 to discover how Visual SQL Tuning can help you understand execution plans and diagnose performance problems. During the webinar I'll cover:
  • Visual SQL Tuning basics and how to create a VST diagram
  • How to evaluate execution plan effectiveness with Visual SQL Tuning diagrams 
  • How to identify problems with performance statistics, SQL syntax, etc. 
  • Tools to accelerate the use of Visual SQL Tuning
Hope you'll join me!