Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Visual SQL Tuning - July 23 Webinar

Register now and join me on July 23 to discover how Visual SQL Tuning can help you understand execution plans and diagnose performance problems. During the webinar I'll cover:
  • Visual SQL Tuning basics and how to create a VST diagram
  • How to evaluate execution plan effectiveness with Visual SQL Tuning diagrams 
  • How to identify problems with performance statistics, SQL syntax, etc. 
  • Tools to accelerate the use of Visual SQL Tuning
Hope you'll join me!


Radoslav Golian said...

I would like to see your presentation, but I won't be on-line on that date :(.

Will be a recording available?

Karen said...

Yes, a recording will be available and I will post it here on the blog. Drop by after the event and it should be here. :)

Unknown said...

That was the best explanation of SQL tuning theory that I've ever seen. I missed the last 5 minutes and am looking forward to reviewing the recording. Thanks so much.