Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do not feed...

What exactly am I supposed to think when the park near our house has this sign posted in numerous places:

This cracks me up for at least two reasons:
1) because it doesn't say "Beware of alligators" or anything like that, it simply tells you to not feed alligators or other dangerous critters like cats, raccoons and possums, and
2) because there are enough of all of those animals hanging around the park that a warning (and actually a legal ordinance) is needed!

As I was pondering the sign further (while my daughter played in this danger zone), I was thinking that if all these animals happened to be around at the same time, and the alligator looked hungry, I'd grab one of the others and toss it over to the gator, grab my kiddo and run. So, I wonder if it's OK to do that? I mean, since they're all on the sign is it OK for them to eat each other?

Geesh...I think of weird things. Oh well, eat or be eaten I say!