Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's important

In reviewing my blog activity over the past few years, I noticed that the first two years I had the blog I averaged about one post per week. The next year, my posts fell off to about one per month. Then last year, I only had 3 posts! Talk about decline!

I want to revitalize my blog and post 1-2 times per month. Given my blogging history, I realize this is a big change to commit to. I think part of me being successful is going to hinge on understanding where making time to blog more regularly fits into my life. My lack of posts hasn't been due to a lack of material or ideas...I have tons of those. My passion for work and interest in continuing to learn and grow professionally is as strong as ever. But I've found that almost everything has taken a back seat to spending time with my family. I get frustrated at times because I do want to blog and work more, but I don't want to be away from my family and I'm jealous of every minute of my time. One thing my daughter has taught me is that every moment, no matter how simple or ordinary it is, can be filled with wonder and joy. And, I really want to appreciate these moments fully. Now.

So, I'm going to work towards spending a few moments each day to compose some ideas and put them into posts that show up more frequently here. To each of you who read this blog, thank you. I'll do my best to provide useful information (along with some personal thoughts, rants and fun) so that the moments you graciously take to stop by and read are well spent.


Noons said...

Careful! When I said precisely the same about my kids and family after 98, I was accused of "dba1.0" and used as an example of an "old f**t dba" and all sorts of other inane idiocy.
Hopefully, some bozos out there would have by now progressed into more intelligent marketing and you'll be spared the same.
And BTW: kudos and applause for openly talking about it and the need for parents to follow their family.

Tim... said...

I use my idle moments to think through blog & article ideas. When I get chance, I put something down on the computer, but I don't fret too much about it at first. Saving the basis of the idea is often enough to help formulate more later.

Remember, you don't have to write it all in one go and you never have to press the publish button if you are not happy with something. :)

Taking this little-steps approach keeps things moving for me. When I try to write whole posts in one go I find I stagnate. I guess it's a pressure thing. :)



Joel Garry said...

Post more! (You too, Noons!)

And somebody poke at Oracle WTF while we are at it.

(sez the guy who has gone completely reactive and rarely posts anything first...)

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