Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mac|Life and Tom Kyte

I usually have my nose in my Kindle or iPad while traveling, but there's always the time between take-off and 10,000 feet where electronics are verboten where I need something to occupy my time. As my time filler, I will often pick up a magazine to read and on yesterday's trip home from the Hotsos Symposium in Dallas, I grabbed a Mac|Life magazine to read.

I l-o-v-e my Mac. My entire household is Mac - MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and a Nano...the works. So I get a kick out of picking up a Mac related publication to read and always find some cool stuff that I didn't know about lurking in the pages. This time however, I found something that I knew quite a lot about and it really tickled me when I saw it. At the back of the magazine they have a How-To article, and this month's article was on how to Read PDFs with iBooks. The thing that most caught my notice was the use of Tom Kyte's book "Expert Oracle Database Architecture" in the demo. Click on the supplied link to see the whole article, but here's a quick shot of what originally caught my eye in the magazine:

I loved it that Tom's book was the example book they chose to demo the how-to. What can I say? The geek in me had spasms when my Mac and Oracle lives crossed paths like that. Admittedly, if it had been one of the Oracle books I had co-authored that they had used, you'd have had to pull me off the ceiling, but Tom's book was still pretty spiffy.  :)

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