Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Hotsos Symposium in the books

Another Hotsos Symposium is in the books (well, the main Symposium is over with only the Training Day remaining tomorrow). As usual, it was a phenomenal event. Hotsos has got it down to a science on how to deliver a 5 Diamond event and it just seems to get better every year. My thanks go out to everyone at Hotsos who work so hard to make this event happen (special nod to Rhonda B and Becky G...sounds like a new girl band, huh?). It's a week chock full of the best technical information on Oracle performance you're going to find anywhere, a lot of great food, superb networking and "get-to-know" you time with other attendees, and (last, but not least) a fantastic themed party night to top it all off. This year's party theme was "Steampunk". The attire I donned for this photo is indicative of the genre if you're wondering what the heck Steampunk is (more photos here).

Thanks also to everyone who came to hear me speak. I delivered two presentations this year and had fun with both.

I hope everyone who attended had as good a time as I did and for those who missed it, there's always next year!

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