Thursday, February 12, 2009

New paper and CJ Date advert

I've uploaded a paper entitled "Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance" that I'll be delivering at a couple of conferences over the next few months. This was a fun and interesting paper to write and I'm looking forward to actually delivering it at SEOUC, the Hotsos Symposium and Collaborate.

I'm also really thrilled that C.J. (Chris) Date will be coming to Dallas in April to teach a new course he's developed entitled "How to Write Correct SQL and Know It: A Relational Approach to SQL". You may have heard Mr. Date's name as you were learning relational theory as he, along with Ted Codd, are known for their work in the field. I can't wait to attend an event from one of the "founding fathers". I don't think it really matters what database platform you use, the experience and application of relational theory that this guy has in his little finger is likely to be more than I've ever dreamed of knowing. Check out the class and come join me. It should be a good one!


Kerry Osborne said...

Absolutely awesome paper! I think you've tackled one of the hardest subjects to get a good handle on, and to explain. Nice job.

jan van mourik said...

Wow, that's a big paper! How much time do you have at the symposium to present that? :-)
It's on its way to my Kindle... Thanks!

Bob said...

Thank you for posting your paper.


Robert said...

Cary Milsap said on his blog that this paper was "the best paper on the subject that I've ever seen."
Thank you for making it available.


Joel Garry said...

Instant classic! Thank you.

word: trasonym

Asif Momen said...

Its very well written. Awesome !!!