Monday, February 2, 2009

"Indexed" and Isolation

I've followed a blog called Indexed for some time. The author/blogger is Jessica Hagy and she gives her perspective on the world using small drawings on index cards. I think it's quite clever. She has a book of the same name which is a collection of many of her "indexed" thoughts. I like the way she makes a point in such a simple and visual way.

I was looking through some older posts and came across one called "Self Defense Today."

I had to laugh. I really (really, really) don't know what I did before caller ID and voicemail! When I see a number I don't recognize, I just don't answer and will wait to see if I get a voicemail message. Or, I'll answer but just cough in the phone like Jack Nicholson did in "As Good As It Gets". Then I listen for a couple of seconds and then hang up. By the way, this is a good trick for handling automated calls. When you answer, you have to make some noise to get the automated message to start playing and then you can hang up. If you hang up before the message starts, or if you don't answer at all, you keep getting call backs. So much for the nationwide "do not call" list!

I try to only do the cough/hang up trick when I really think it's an unwanted sales call (Dish Network for the thousandth time, credit card companies, and so on), but if you happen to call me and get a loud cough in your ear, perhaps you should call back from a number I recognize or just send me an email. Of course, if I don't recognize your email address, that message just might end up in my spam folder.

So, better yet, just drop by if you're in the neighborhood. But that might be a problem too as my doorbell isn't working and if you drop by after 6pm there's a sign that says "knock softly, baby sleeping" and another one that says "no soliciting". If you do knock and I'm upstairs, I won't hear you particularly if the TV is on.

Geesh! I suppose I've effectively cut myself off from society. Maybe I need to rethink things. Hmmmm...

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