Monday, September 1, 2008

Too big?

What do you think?

Did I make the wrong choice when I bought the super jumbo size tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"?

Let me help you visualize the size a bit better. Here's the tub next to a cream cheese container that is the same size (8 oz) as my previous size butter tub.

I'm thinking that my logic was a bit flawed when I decided on the 45 ounce size. I thought it was smart. The super jumbo tub was on sale and only cost 50 cents more than the small size. It seemed to me to be an easy choice. The big tub would equate to over 5 of the smaller size and cost only 50 cents more. Sounds like a great deal, right?

However, the problem with my choice became evident when I got home with my purchase. Where was this gigantic tub o' butter going to fit in my refrigerator? I ended up having to rearrange an entire shelf to get the thing to fit. Of course, the arrangement I came up with meant that if/when I wanted to get out the butter, I'd have to get out several other items just to be able to pull the big guy from its spot. Sigh...

Sometimes I suppose you just shouldn't go for what seems to be the obviously better deal, huh?


Brian Tkatch said...

Rearranged an entire shelf to get the larger one in? Perhaps this is the first of many bulk choices. Many changes will come where this will indeed be the better choice.

I just purchased a 25lb bag of flour. It is considerably cheaper than purchasing separate 5lb bags. Yet, now i am faced with the storage concern of bugs and worms. So, i'm planning getting some large Tupperware containers and figuring out where to place them.

For an uncommon save-a-few-cents choice, i agree with the sentiment you've expressed; it probably isn't worth the effort of storage and retrieval. But if this is a choice in general, you will probably get used to it.

Cary Millsap said...

That's the thing: you save money on the butter, but now you have to pay more to inventory it at your home. It's morally equivalent to the idea that the greater amount you're paying per unit of butter for the smaller size includes the storage fee for the butter that the store is holding for you (and paying to refrigerate) until you need it.