Monday, June 2, 2008


Oracle 11 has introduced new functionality to handle pivoting data. The PIVOT and UNPIVOT functions are the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Today, Tom Kyte blogged an example case using this new feature. Very, very cool.

Now all I wish was that I would actually get to use Oracle 11 more often. Trying to accomplish what Tom did in a pre-11 version of Oracle is not fun. And I really, really like fun...


Anonymous said...

You might want to link directly to Tom's post here, as the next time he blogs your link will no longer point to his Pivot post.

Also, I have a post on the 11g Pivot syntax here. It's not near as cool as Tom's, but might be easier for people to get their brains around so they can better appreciate just how cool Tom's solution is.

Karen said...

Thanks Tyler. I didn't catch that I'd pointed to Tom's main site and not the specific article. Also, thanks for the link to your post on the Pivot syntax. Excellent!