Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekly posts - Anyone got any ideas?

I've decided to get back in the groove of making more regular blog posts and have an intention to blog at least once a week in the coming months to get myself back in the habit. While I always seem to have a head full of stuff that never makes it to the blog, I thought I'd ask you all if you have any topic suggestions?

At this point in time, I'm not sure anyone drops by here much since my posts have been mainly announcing webinars and providing follow-ups. But, I figured I'd put it out there and see if anyone still has their ears on.  :)  So, if you've got something you'd like to hear about, leave me a comment and I'll see if I can supply something suitable.

If I don't get any suggestions, I'll just ramble on what happens to be in the front of my brain at the moment.  :)

Cheers everyone!


Tony said...

Your recent webinar on anti patterns was good, especially the discussion on min/max and how the optimizer deals/doesn't deal with that request. Those types of things are great.

I'd also like a detailed example of how you might use 10046 trace data to diagnose a problem and how that data tells guides you on fixing the SQL.

Lastly, anything you've got on choosing the right data structures for good performance (i.e. IOT, partitioning), I'd assume this would lead to further discussions on stats and indexing schemes as well.

Craig Martin said...

Hi Karen -

Good to hear you will be back to blogging regularly again! For ideas, how about the less used pieces of DBMS_STATS.. like extended stats or diff_table_stats functions, etc? Look forward to whatever you decide on!


Joel Garry said...

As Robert Plant screams, "Ramble on!"

How years ago in days of old
When magic filled the air,
'Twas in the darkest depths of Morton
I met a girl so fair.

Unknown said...

I am subscribed to your RSS feed, and welcome your plan to make more regular posts.

As a DBA I regularly get a SQL statement with a 100-200 line plan and am asked why it is going slow. It is generally rewritten, but I feel I should be able to look at the plan, find the part using the most resources and write a test SQL that replicates that part of the plan (Divide and conquer). It is the last part (Changing a part of a plan back into SQL) that I would welcome guidance on, unless you think that strategy is flawed.

But to be honest, whatever you say will be of value to me.

Karen said...

I've got a list started and will get geared up and start regular posts in a couple of weeks once I get back from Enkitec's E4 conference. Thanks for the ideas everyone (and thanks for the poem Joel)!

Vee said...

I learn a lot from your blogs and webinars. I like to see blogs on performance, SQL tuning (including basics), current trends in the data industry, design, maintaining databases behind third party products, etc. Thanks.

Ric Van Dyke said...

Heck how about some favorite cookie recipes! ;)

Really like to hear your views on the new Adaptive Query Optimization in 12c. This is really going to be a game changer for us all.

- Ric