Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics Webinar Follow-up

Thanks to everyone for attending today's webinar on Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies. I appreciate everyone who took time to join me today and hope you found it informative.

The webinar recording will be posted within in the next couple of days, but you can download the presentation file now.

Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics - presentation

I'll provide the link to the recording as soon as it's available and will update this post with Q&A from the webinar sessions shortly.

Thanks and again and see you in March when I'll be presenting "Back to the Future: Oracle SQL Performance Firefighting using AWR."


vr1507 said...

Thanks for the time and material Karen :)

Matt said...

Thanks for the webinar, it was a good one! Short and to the point, easy to follow, keep 'em coming please!