Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Making Impactful Performance Changes Webinar

Join me on Wednesday, September 26 as I present a webinar entitled "Making Impactful Performance Changes". This is the final segment in the 3-part DBA Performance Series sponsored by Embarcadero. Register even if you can't make it and you'll get an email with the link to the webcast video after it's over.

In this webinar, I'll cover
  • Common ways to rewrite SQL that make it perform better and more consistently
  • How and when to add or modify indexes 
  • How and when the SQL Tuning Advisor helps you and when it doesn't

Hope to see you!


Joel Garry said...


Sorry, just one of those little bug-me things.

Karen said...

Joel, Agreed. The original title I presented was "Making Performance Changes that have Impact". Somehow it ended up as is. Sorry for putting the bug in your day. :)

joshuasingham said...

Hi Karen ,
it the video of the recording up yet could you publish the link