Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thanks for attending the webinar!

Thanks to everyone who attended my two Embarcadero sponsored webinar sessions. I promised to make the slides and some scripts demonstrated in the slides available so here they are:

Slide deck (pdf format)
Scripts (zip format)

Keep an eye out for more webinars I'll be conducting in the coming months!


Tomas Lopez said...

Hi Karen,

Is it possible to get the recorded session? I registered to the webinar 2 days in advance but I never got the email with the connection instructions and tried again the webinar day with the same result. Anyway I'm happy that the slides are available and I can't wait to review them.

Best regards,
Tomas Lopez

Karen said...

The follow-up email from Embarcadero to everyone who registered (whether or not they attended) is going to be sent out tomorrow (April 12). So, you should get an email with a link.

If I get the link, I'll also post it here on the blog so check your email and the blog tomorrow or Friday.

wpietron said...

Hi Karen,

thank you for your presentation. I see that output of histogram statistics for buckets containing > 5% of total values is different then I get for my tables with your scripts.

Your output is horizontal where bkts% are in columns. When I run your script I get it vertically, bkts% are in rows. Do I miss something?

Karen said...

@wpietron - No, you are not missing anything. I reformatted the script output for my presentation to get it to show more easily on the screen. Typically, the output shows printed down the page and not in a tabular/horizontal format. Sorry for any confusion.