Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bug update

We received notice of a patch to correct the bug I discussed with gathering stats on tables with virtual columns/function-based indexes in parallel in my previous post. The patch is number 10013177 and can be found at

After applying the patch, all stats collections worked without error. Whew!

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RML said...

Thanks for posting your findings Karen. We ran into a similar issue with our database on, table with function based indexes, stats jobs failed. I did find that we had a weird data issue, a varchar2(6), byte semantics field had a record with containing 44 bytes.
We had to delete that record, and rebuild all associated indexes to get dbms_stats to run.
Found that record by creating the offending table in another schema with no records, and then did an insert from the offending table and it error on with value to large for column.

Anyhow, thanks for posting!