Thursday, June 24, 2010

My favorite parts of today

Every night over dinner my daughter asks me "what was your favorite part of the day Momma"? Well, tonight I had several favorite things to share. My first favorite was that I found an Oracle bug that has to do with subquery factoring (I'm going to blog about this one soon). And my second favorite (well, it's really my *most* favorite) was spending some fun time at the beach with my kiddo. Looks like we had fun doesn't it?!?


jametong said...

your daughter is so lovely.

Joel Garry said...

Local big city paper published this one. Stoked my kids no end.

word: dests

Karen said...

Nice one Joel!

Ric Van Dyke said...

No Bugs on the Beach!! :-)

Unknown said...

Hello Karen -
In a reply to a question, Jonathan Lewis referred about an undocumented bug with subquery factoring, whcih you may have discovered earlier (URL:
The problem I am facing is, whenever the subquery is materialized the filter does not get pushed down.
I am eagerly waiting for your next post about the relevant details.
BTW, is there a way to tell ORACLE to push the filter before materializing the subquery?